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Public Works
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We have public works experience and would to discuss how Bigfoot Homes can help your community with its housing needs.

Please see our contact page for ways to reach us.

Do I need to worry about permitting?
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Bigfoot Homes will work with you and the local municipalities to secure the necessary permits.

Does a Bigfoot Home come with a warranty?
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The homes we sell are built to meet the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, sometimes called the HUD Code, because it is a federal building code issued by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Our homes come with a minimum one-year factory warranty, with the option to purchase longer and more extensive coverage for up to seven years and beyond.

What's covered with the limited warranty?

  • Major structural defects
  • Original appliances
  • Original home systems including:
  • Plumbing system
  • Water heater (gas, electric, or oil)
  • Electrical system
  • Central heating system

All homes consist of a one-year limited warranty from the home manufacturer to the original owner and a separate six-year warranty for years two through seven provided by an independent third-party administrator; deductible will apply to extended warranty; see terms and conditions for details.

Click here to download the Champion/Skyline 7-Year Limited Warranty brochure for full details available on select Skyline and Champion models we sell.

What geographical area does Bigfoot Homes service?
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We are licensed to sell homes anywhere in California.

Do I need to own land?
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Not if you purchase a park model (a less expensive home model suitable for a mobile home park) or a home suitable for a mobile home park; you will only need to own or lease a space in a park.

But if you want to put your home on a single-family lot, you will need to own land to install one of our Homes.

We are happy to help you find the right piece of land or ensure that your land is suitable for one of our homes (we need a way to get the home in there via trucks or cranes).

How do I order a home and how long does it take to install?
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Please call or email to order your home. From order to complete installation, the process can be as quick as one month to four months* on complex sites, depending on local zoning, site constraints, and manufacturing backlogs, if any.

Bigfoot Homes can take care of the entire process from start to finish.

*All times are typical but delays can happen

Pre-construction:  2-4 weeks

This phase includes a site survey, permitting, and, in some cases, a soil and septic check.

Ordering your home: 2 hours

During this phase, you choose all of the finishes and design details.

Building: 3-6 weeks

Depending on the factory’s workload, your home can be built in 1-2 months.

Transportation and set up: 1-6 weeks

Rarely does transportation and setup take longer than four weeks since homes leave the factory wholly assembled. However, in some complex cases, it can take longer to deliver, install and finalize all of the details of your home. Once your home is installed, a local building inspector will tour the home to obtain a Certificate Of Occupancy, and Bigfoot Homes will hand you the keys!

Home builds vary depending on the home and market conditions, and your sales rep can discuss the exact time frame for your model when you speak to them.

Does it make financial sense to add an ADU?
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ADUs are as versatile as they are convenient and can affordably generate rental income or extend a homes living area without taking on a large scale construction project.

Here are some ways ADUs can be used on your property:

  • Long-Term Rental Unit
  • Vacation Rental Unit
  • Granny Flat
  • Home Office/Studio
What is an ADU?
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A small home called an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), or sometimes known as a granny unit, backyard house, guest house, or casita, can be built on the same lot as a larger, single-family home or as part of a community development. ADUs are independent residences that have a kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. They are versatile and can be used for various purposes such as long-term rental units, vacation rental units, granny flats for seniors who want to stay close to their families, or as a home office, studio, yoga studio, workshop, or guest house. ADUs are also a great way to extend a home's living space without undertaking a large-scale construction project. Additionally, ADUs can be used to create micro-communities of affordable housing in municipalities that permit them.

ADU by Genesis

ADUs by Clayton

Factory Built vs Site built Homes
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Our homes are constructed in a factory with stringent quality controls rather than being built on-site by contractors whose work may not be up to par. The advantages of offsite construction are numerous, including:


Constructing homes indoors protects them from weather damage, water damage, mold, theft, and other issues on a construction site.

Cost Savings

Manufacturers buy materials such as lumber wholesale through a nationwide factory network, making prices affordable.


Factory-built homes can be constructed much faster than their site-built counterparts, typically within one month. Our ADU units can be built even faster depending on the model and size, with installation by the builder taking only a few more weeks. In comparison, site-built ADUs often take much longer to complete.

Click here to learn more.

What is CrossMod® and is it the same as site-built?
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CrossMod homes are PreFab homes built in a factory with quality controls and oversight which may or may not be the case when you hire a local contractor to build a home on site.

CrossMod® Features:

  • Permanent foundation
  • Covered porch, garage, or carport
  • Enhanced cabinets
  • Drywall interiors
  • Energy efficiency standards and features
  • Elevated roof pitches
  • Multi-year warranties
  • Similar appraisals and financing to on-site-built homes (our homes are built in the factory using stick framing so they are "stick-built", just not built on-site)
  • We believe our homes have better quality control than a site-built home and are made to meet the same or higher standards during the build

To learn more about CrossMod homes, click here:


Clayton CrossMod®

Skyline CrossMod®

Why should I purchase a prefabricated home?
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Did you know that prefab, manufactured, and modular homes are all constructed in a factory setting? The benefit of this is that quality control is strictly monitored, with regular state and federal inspections, ensuring a high-quality home that meets or exceeds the standards of a stick-built home. Plus, the prefab build process allows for a quicker and more cost-effective completion than a traditional site-built home. Additionally, we offer a unique type of home called CrossMod® that merges the best aspects of both on-site and off-site construction. CrossMod homes boast innovative designs, energy-efficient features, and top-notch materials without sacrificing the efficiency, quality, and speed of off-site building.

To learn more about CrossMod homes, reach out to us or visit the links below

Clayton CrossMod®

Skyline CrossMod®

Is financing available?
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We've got you covered if you're in the market for a loan. Our expert finance team can help you navigate the process of securing VA loans, FHA financing, and other types of loans. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer looking to buy a second or rental property, we're here to help. Send us an inquiry, and we'll take it from there.

Can I add Solar and or Grey Water systems?
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Our modular homes are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and can integrate solar and greywater systems. Contact us to learn more!

Can I add a basement?
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It's worth considering the grade of the lot before placing the home. If feasible, digging out an 8-9 ft tall basement and setting the house on top can significantly increase the usable space inside the home.

Can I change things on the house from the pictures I see?
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Almost all aspects of our homes are customizable, from the flooring, paint, siding, room configuration, decking, etc. We have the flexibility to customize the home to suit your individual needs. We have access to many other home models not shown on our site to ensure we can find the perfect house for you. Contact us to tell us your housing needs, and we will work with you to create the ideal home for your needs and budget.

How much does a Bigfoot Home cost?
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ADUs & smaller homes range from $65,000-120,000*

Larger homes range from $100,000 to mid $200,000s*

*prices vary depending on model, size, options, market conditions

What is MH Advantage?
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MH Advantage features financing terms for your buyers, such as:

  • A down payment as low as 3%
  • A 30-year fixed rate
  • Lower interest rate, compared to traditionally manufactured housing rates
  • Mortgage insurance coverage comparable to site-built homes

Read more by clicking here


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